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Schools boost programme

Be part of a powerful new way of working with young people.

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Young people are our future and yet are concerned about so many things.

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Partnering with us

Helping young people to thrive both now and in the future, no matter what challenges they experience in their lives.

We provide a flexible transformational self-leadership and empowerment programme that equips young people with the essential life skills they need to deal with challenges now and in the future.


The Boost programme is all about self-leadership with the aim of helping young people better deal with life’s day to day challenges. It introduces participants to discovering the leader within themselves, reminding them that they have the power to shape how they respond to situations, how being magnificent is found in small positive actions and that leading themselves with self and social awareness is rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling.

The programme is designed primarily for young people aged between 9 and 18. Older students, called group leaders, deliver the programme to younger students, facilitating the profoundness that frequently occurs during peer-to-peer coaching. When Boost group leaders see the direct positive impact of their actions on the younger students, this is extremely motivating and often a game-changer in their lives.


Boost group leader training has been digitised into accessible e-learning, allowing us to expand our reach as more schools and youth organisations express interest in working with us.

The training can be conducted face-to-face depending on need levels, and we have our e-learning version so that young people can access the content online, with their own unique login, and learn from a time, place, and device of their choosing, also allowing them to practise self-leadership!

Boost is always delivered in-person by group leaders to younger Boost participants.