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Information for parents

Emotional regulation


Treat yourself with the same kindness you would offer to your closest friend

Discovering how to be more self-compassionate including speaking as positively to ourselves as we do others.

Building relationships

Nurturing relationships through effective communication

Exploring the different kinds of relationships we have in our lives and how we might improve them through considerate communication and conversations that restore and strengthen them.


Strength to rest, reflect and recharge

Increasing awareness of not just the benefit of taking care of our own physical health but our mental wellbeing.

Being resilient

Skillful navigation through challenges, thinking long-term about life

Understanding what it means to be resilient. The role of commitment, practice and your response to failure all play important parts.

We believe the content of this programme is valuable to young people now and for every day of their future as they become adults and take their place in the community.