Sharlene O’Reilly, PhD, Research and development

The wonderful thing about self-leadership

Self-leadership allows children to discover “their why” and gain the self-awareness needed to begin behaving in more personally constructive and pro-social ways, while remaining connected to their individuality and forging their own independent path.

Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, and where you want to go, as well as the ability to influence your communication, emotions, and behaviour on the way there.

The key concept here is self-influence and the notion that there are many aspects of our lives as children and young people over which we have control, and that even for those aspects over which we have no control, there are coping strategies that can help us navigate difficulties and manage stress.

Self-leadership inspires us to think short term about the little steps we can take, that allow us to move forward incrementally, whilst also emphasising that some things take time, and that looking after ourselves and playing the long game is sometimes necessary to achieve our goals.

The beauty of self-leadership is that it can be exercised in any area of life and requires no special tools, only the individual’s understanding that the self can be influenced, of which participation in Boost will both foster and demonstrate, as well as an appreciation that even the smallest steps in the right direction are valuable. 

Even if we fall short of our objectives, Boost imparts motivational tactics so that children and young people can motivate themselves to replenish and continue forward on their chosen path – safe in the knowledge that their success is in the trying.

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